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NERD Power

121 Interpark Blvd #1103
San Antonio TX
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Company Description:

Nerd Power's Mission:
To attract the best Nerds on the planet and “Nerdify” customers with innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption and produce clean, renewable energy.
Nerd Power offers a holistic approach to home energy. It's not as simple as taking a glance at your usage and slapping panels on the roof.

Your home is leaking energy, and it's costing you money. We first look to REDUCE the energy your home uses before we look to PRODUCE the energy your home needs to run comfortably.

We have a principle we call "It's the same money". Meaning, in most cases, we can convert a home to using residential solar power, including the energy efficiency upgrades, for LESS than what you are paying your utility company now.

The addition of energy efficiency upgrades, and PV solar, not only add equity to your home, but give you energy independence, and more freedom to control your thermostat without fear of your upcoming bill.

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